Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Welcome to Queen City Style

Shouts to Kevin at Queen City Style for popping on my MySpace and dropping a line. You should check out his page as well to see what he's got going over there.

Gotta like the threads that this guy has to offer. Check out the cool shirt I posted here (my fave) and the three at the bottom of the page. There are must haves for locals and tourists alike. If we want to promote the Queen City with pride then we have to take an active role in doing so.

Here's a suggestion, buy one of these for your relatives when they come home to visit you for weddings and vacations over the summer. You know they’ll be wearing them during their stay (which will help promote the city to the people already here), and they’ll be sporting them when they get to their transplanted city as well (where they’re bound to get questions about the shirt from friends and passersby).

See, it’s a total win-win. That’s how we can start promoting the city that we love, baby!

Now, will somebody puhleese send me some Zorba’s ova heah?


Kimiko said...

I'd love to wear BUFFALOVE t-shirt. Could you get one for me? It costs $5 for shipping, but I don't know if it's shipped here, though.......

bradinthesand said...

Go to Kevin's webiste or his MySpace and ask him. Tell him you saw the picture of it here.